Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Little Light Diversion, Part II

A few more entertaining items have come up which I would like to share with you.

First, Tonya and I have a running game: we try to identify things we say that no sane person would ever say unless they were dealing with small children. The classic of the genre, which we have used ourselves, is "Give me that booger!"

Well, Tonya came up with another one today. Or rather, she said it; then I started to giggle, and only then did Tonya realize what it sounded like. Her little gem: "Check his bottom for french fries."


Second, Tonya and I were looking through the blog of one of my occasional commenters, and came across this post. Toward the end of this post there is one of the most wickedly funny spoonerisms that I've seen in a long time. So Tonya and I were laughing at the spoonerism; and just for kicks, we followed the link from the post to the Wikipedia page on spoonerisms.

Oh, my stars and garters....

We are not usually in the habit of laughing at encyclopedia entries, and especially not until our sides hurt, until the tears are streaming down our faces, and until we're so incoherent that we can't even read them out loud to each other, because our composure breaks down halfway through the sentence (as our eyes scan ahead and see what's coming).

(I particularly liked the one about the British anchorwoman who breathessly reported the discovery of a bag of hypodeemic nerdles.)

Incidentally, I would recommend that--for full effect--you should try reading the spoonerisms in this Wikipedia entry out loud to someone you love. Things are always funnier if you're trying madly not to laugh. :)


The McMullen Family said...

Ooh, I'm so flattered. I guess I should send that flattery on to my dad, who has also come up with such gems as I cannot print in a family blog (okay, just one: Whole Earth Access becomes Ex-Earth A__holes).

Anyhoo, glad to make you laugh. I linked to the Wikipedia page without actually reading it - that was merely for the benefit of the uninitiated - so now I'm off to check it out.


Timothy Power said...

So Ms. McMullen, did the Wikipedia entry have the same effect on you as it had on Tonya and me, or did you read it and think "What's the big deal?" I looked at the Wikipedia entry again the day after I wrote my post, and although it was still humorous, the edge that had made it so funny wasn't actually there anymore. I suppose part of that was because I'd read it before and the surprise was gone. But part of it could have been that when Tonya and I read it, it was really late and we were really tired.

So should I have included that in my recommendation, that you should read it late at night when you're completely pooped, to get the full effect? ;-)

The McMullen Family said...

Yes, exhaustion and a partner in crime would probably spice it up a bit, but it was funny nonetheless. Thanks for making me read my own links! BTW, you can call me