Saturday, October 27, 2007

Someone Just Had Her Birthday

For the last few weeks I've had a bit of a dilemma while writing on this blog.

You see, I wasn't sure of the best way of describing the age of the Pillowfight Fairy. After all, she was officially four years old, but was within a few weeks or so of turning five, and was acting more like a newly-turned five-year-old than a newly turned four-year-old. How does one describe this state both accurately and succinctly? I alternately described her as a "four-year old," "five-year-old," "nearly five-year-old," "not quite five-year-old," and occasionally as a "munchkin".

Well now the situation is much more clear. She's five. (She's still a munchkin too, but that's apropos of nothing....)

She actually turned five yesterday, but we had her birthday party today. We had three families over for the party. However, these were some really fertile church families. By the time we counted up all the kids--ours plus our guests--we had fifteen kids. Of these:

  • probably about six were still in diapers
  • two were under the age of one
  • there were eight girls and seven boys

As you can imagine, the party was a bit of a madhouse. I think all three of our frisbees are now in the neighbor's yard (and one of them is smashed up into little tiny plastic bits).

Things were most peaceful (or, rather, least chaotic) when all the kids were in the yard playing. When they all came inside for lunch, however, the energy level went up. It's like what happens when you use a piston to compress a gas sample: it heats up. All those kids underwent adiabatic excitation when we forced them all inside and into our dining room/living room at the same time. Good heavens....

We have about 1.5 pizzas left over. But they did manage to polish off all of the cupcakes.

Good times were had by all. And we didn't have a huge crush of presents this year, in particular because the families--at our request--didn't bring a huge amount of stuff. And what they did bring is exactly the kind of stuff that the Fairy gets the most use out of--art supplies! You can rarely have too much of that on hand, and it all gets used.

Anyway, congratulations are in order for the Fairy completing a very eventful year.

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A. Jean said...

Sweet FIVE year old -

Hippo birdie two ewe
Hippo birdie two ewe
Hippo birdie sweet FIVE year oldddddd
Hippo birdie two ewe

Wish you weren't so far away -

Love, Great Auntie Jean