Monday, October 29, 2007

Eine Kleine Kunstwerke

The Pillowfight Fairy, who loves to draw (have I mentioned she loves to draw?), has been making more and more elaborate pictures lately. I'd thought I'd share some with you.

This first picture is one that my wife wrote about here. The Fairy had just been reading the book If You Give Your Mouse a Cookie, and was inspired to draw and color a picture with mice. She then wanted to tape it to the refrigerator, just as did the aforementioned mouse; Mommy said no. So, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the Fairy solved the dilemma by... drawing a refrigerator and taping this picture to it. Problem solved!


For the Fairy's birthday, one of the items she received was a portable carrying case for art supplies. We decided to try it out at church yesterday. Sunday-Morning worship service lately had come to resemble a wrestling match, with harried parents trying to stifle the natural exuberance of the little ones, who we're supposed to be suffering to come unto Jesus. We were hoping that at least one of the little ones could be induced into a little more serenity.

I think our tactic succeeded. So far as I can tell, someone is imagining a scene with ladybugs and blue and red flowers on a sunny day. That sure beats the Grim Reaper, who made an appearance in our sermon....

(Really, it wasn't that bad. No, Really.)


Speaking of the Grim Reaper, the Fairy hasn't done any more examples of Backyard Ballistics yet of which I'm aware. But she seems always to be looking out for something to give her a battlefield advantage.

We particularly like this one, especially because we haven't actually read the story of the Trojan Horse to her yet. After all, it's in the Aeneid, and that's a bit stiff for a five-year-old. But we like the fact that she's thinking about tactical deception already. (We'll just have to tell her that it's already been done. But perhaps she could try a large wooden badger....)


And I think this last one is pretty self-explanatory:

Yup. One thing that the Fairy hasn't learned much of yet is tact. One illustrating event: this last Sunday, when we picked her up from her Sunday evening Bible class, it was obvious that she'd been crying. I asked the teachers what had happened. Apparently they'd been making cards to send to people, and making "chocolate spoons" (with sprinkles!) to go with them. The cards were intended to be given away as class gifts. Well, her first offering was deemed inappropriate to be included in the class gift, because she had blithely written the words GO AWAY on the card. So she had to make a second card. This one was much better. But when the end of class came, she had to leave it behind, because--after all--the teachers were going to be sending out all these cards. The Fairy didn't want her precious card going to some stranger, she wanted to keep it herself!

Ah, well. She's only five; we still have a little time to teach her some social graces.

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