Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have lots of little things to serve up today (to make up for my not having posted yesterday):

  • My lovely bride wrote a post about some new books she picked up, here, primarily to be used in our home education efforts. I particularly liked the title of the book Drawing With Children. I was musing out loud: is that to be read like Drawing with Charcoal or Drawing with Crayons, where the children are the medium? My wife found this a rather humorous suggestion, and expanded the idea: first, you let the kid eat a really, really gooey brownie or chocolate chip cookie....
  • As you can tell, I really like the kind of humor that results from the ambiguous nature of the English language. If a phrase is grammatically ambiguous--if it can be taken to mean more than one thing--then frequently the unintended meaning can be quite invigorating. (This is one of the reasons I married my wife. What she does to the English language is a never-ending font of inadvertently humorous material.) So I just had to mention the Instapundit's post from earlier today, in which he links to the news item Gun-packing granny shoots hefty home invader clad only in his underwear, and comments: "How she got in his underwear, I'll never know."
  • The 94th Carnival of Homeschooling is up! It is over at The Thinking Mother. My post entitled Of Four-Year-Olds and Chapter Books is in there. There's also a post in there describing the very same Drawing With Children book that my wife described, in a little more detail. (Couldn't make out which gooey snack she recommends, though.)
  • My blog received its 2000th hit earlier today! I first put my hit counter on the site on August 19th--not quite two months ago--which means I am now officially getting just over 1000 hits per month. Now to be fair, that's not entirely true--a fair number of those hits are by me, checking my own site to see how many people have visited, or to make sure that my posts are displaying properly. (Blogging is a very dangerous hobby for those of us with a touch of narcissism.) But I'm still humbled that so many people have decided they actually want to drop by and read my wordy semi-coherent bloviations on sundry arbitrary eclectic topics.

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